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Too many modals

Pat McManus is an outdoor humor writer. He introduced the "situational vortex." You start out to do something, but there is something else you need to do first, and it order to do that you have to borrow the thing from the neighbor. That means your really should return the other thing that you broke, so you should replace it, and so on.

My lexicon is turning into that.

With the redesign, I wanted to open two kinds of windows. One would list all the entries under that letter. The other would list the web link for that definition. I found some modal window examples and started using them. But I couldn't get them to work on my iPad and after a while they stopped working on my iPod touch.

It turns out that "best practices" means you don't use more than a couple of modal windows or other invisible elements per web page. At twenty-six letters and a few hundred entries each with their own modal window, I was breaking the rules.

Which means before I can finish and unveil lexicon 2.0, I'm going to have to redesign and start lexicon 3.0.
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