Thu - September 2, 2010

Changes ahead

Too much work means it's time to change software
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Tue - December 22, 2009

Fun and games

iBlog doesn't like MobileMe
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Thu - August 27, 2009

MobileMe instead of Dot Mac

Catching up with the times
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Mon - July 14, 2008

MobileMe woes

With the switch from Dot Mac to MobileMe, the older pages of this site aren't loading correctly. Please be patient while I work out the difficulty.
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Sat - July 8, 2006

Changing plans

Well, in the wake of my stepfather's dementia, I've given this blog the short shift. That is going to change a bit. My Palm m515 died yesterday, it needs a new battery. If it were just a matter of swapping the battery, I'd probably pay the $30 and get a new one until I can get the backup thing going and upgrade my Macs to 10.4.
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