Sun - September 17, 2006

Neowayland dot Net Mac 10.4 Update

Nothing much new functionally with this minor update, just a couple of changes so it works with the pathnames in 10.4. It tests to see if the iDisk is mounted, deletes an existing file from the iDisk, and replaces it with a file from the computer. It still makes the call to an alias to avoid embedding the iDisk password in the script. Otherwise it is a simple script.
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Sat - September 9, 2006

Updated weather script

This version of my weather script is no longer dependent on my specific computers to run. It also checks for the Konfabulator widget folder before trying to launch those widgets. It pops up the weather maps, then shortly after moves the maps to the Users:Shared folder and quits Preview.
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Wed - September 6, 2006

Macintosh OS 10.4 version of backup and restore - Revised

Well, I took the plunge, got a decent backup of my iBook and iMac, and upgraded from Mac OS 10.39 to Mac OS 10.47.

Then I discovered that my old backup and restore scripts didn't work.

These are going to get changed anyway, I am going to be migrating from Palm Desktop to Address Book, iCal, and the Memos application of The Missing Sync. I just haven't done it yet and I want things on my two computers to match.

I am still wondering why Dot Mac Sync can't include other files.
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Fri - January 13, 2006

Revised Timefolder backup and restore - UPDATED

I recently learned the OS X version of the replacing command. Under OS 9, you could copy or duplicate and end the command "with replacing" which would save a couple of lines to delete the previous file. Under OS X the command is "replacing yes."

This new version eliminates quite a bit of code, and since the script doesn't have to check to see if the previous files exist, it speeds up the process quite a bit.
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Weather Maps

The original version of this script is in YOURDISC/Library/Scripts/URLs. It's a nice piece of work, but it does have one flaw. The original holds the codes for both a temperature and an isobar map, but it can only display one at a time. I want both, even if I only look at them for about thirty seconds a day.

So of course I had to modify a bit and then experiment to see what tweaks worked best.
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Mon - November 28, 2005

NeoWayland dot Net

I use NeoWayland dot Net as sort of a central directory. I use a redirect service to direct people to the actual page which lives on my iDisk.

This script puts an updated page in the right place on my iDisk. It's nothing spectacular, but it does illustrate a couple of things that I think are important. First I like my scripts to be editable so I can change them and tweak them as I like. And that raises the second issue, how do you get around embedding your username and password in an open script?
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Sun - November 13, 2005

Time folder restore

Here is the sibling script to the backup time folder. It is not totally automated, you have to drag the xfer folder created by the other script to the desktop. Since I usually work from a disk image or an archive, it works for me.

After you run this script, you should log out and log back in so the applications don't try to use the trashed files.
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Fri - November 11, 2005

Time folder backup

I work with two main computers and use a thumb drive to transfer files. This Applescript backs up my current files into a time-stamped folder on the desktop, ready to make into a disk image and to archive. Because I work with multiple Palm Desktop identities, there is a fair amount of extra stuff here. Green words are variables, bold blue words are commands. I'll go through and explain as we go along. The complete script is at the bottom of the entry.
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