Sun - December 25, 2005


This is my iPod, which thanks to a couple of add-ons has made my world a much more musical place.

It predates the Photo iPod and the display isn't as sharp as I would like. But it carries my CD collection around with me.

Oh, the first thing that had to go were the earbuds that Apple included. They just didn't have that much frequency response.
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Fri - December 23, 2005


The most frustrating thing for a geek is to have new gadgets and not have a chance to play with them for a while.
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Sat - December 10, 2005


A Palm 515, a little long in the tooth these days but it will do until I can get an unlocked Treo 700p.

This is my second Palm, and the first one with a rechargeable battery. I used to go through six AA batteries a month with my old Palm.

You can't have my Palm. No sir, no way, no how. My life is pretty much in McDuff and I would be lost without it. Just as I would have been lost without my Daytimer back when I was using it.
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Sat - December 3, 2005

MaCei iMac

My main Macintosh right now, this is a the 20 inch flat screen screen "sunflower."

I don't like where the power switch is, and I understand that these are pains to service, but it is a great computer.
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Wed - November 16, 2005

Domo iMac

Semi-retired now, but this was my workhouse Mac for several years. It was the last model produced in Bondi Blue and with the infamous mezannine slot.
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