Sun - September 13, 2009

Too smart for a beginner, not smart enough for an expert

It took longer than I thought to get teknologi set up with a custom domain name on MobileMe, For anyone who's interested, here's what it took.
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Tue - December 11, 2007

All sizes of badges

Graphic experiments
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Sat - June 9, 2007

New addy

Finally the new web address works
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Mon - May 28, 2007

MacHighway goofed

Fixing something so Pagan Vigil looks good.
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Sun - December 17, 2006

Getting Amazon iframes working

Going for a better look while providing more information for my readers. Another of those notes to myself.
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Tue - September 19, 2006

NeoWayland NetWork banners and badge

Yep, I've been tweaking again. The banners that I was using at didn't have the correct addresses and were a little busy. They also didn't match anything else on the site. It was time to get to work.
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Sat - December 17, 2005

My RSS Journey

When I uploaded the Pagan•Vigil entries this morning, the index page wouldn't fully load into the browser. And since the laws of situational vortices applied, I found two or three other problems.

On the up side, I found that the the "Recent Comments" and the RSS feed preview from the other blog were what was causing the mysterious side bar resizing.

The Feed to Java Script server is down and may not be back up for more than a week considering that it is the week before Christmas.
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Sun - November 27, 2005

The Tweak Factor

One of the things that I really really love about computers is how quick and easy it is to make changes.

Way back when I was learning layout using ACTUAL cut and paste, if something didn't turn out, you had to redo the entire page. These are the three versions of the NetWork badge, and as you can see they are the same basic thing, with only some settings changed. The top one is the newest, and yes, it works with the color scheme on all my websites.
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Wed - November 23, 2005

Technopagan Yearnings Banner - Updated

This turned out much more complicated than I thought. First, for some reason I couldn't transfer the fonts from Domo. I could find versions of Mephisto and Final Frontier on the web, but all three Kells fonts were expensive ($20 bucks each). I finally found the original foundry (P22) and paid $30 for the set.

You can't use all the embossing or other 3-D effects without careful planning because that creates off-white space around the letters. For Pagan•Vigil, that was part of the effect. For teknologi, I didn't use the 3-D effects because I played with the shapes.

But the real killer was matching that blasted green.
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Thu - November 17, 2005

Tweaking Mac OS X

The good news is that I found out what was causing the update problems for Pagan Vigil.

It wasn't my cable company or Itsamac.

It turns out that iBlog hands off a good deal of it's work to the Mac OS, and the standard OS X uses a buggy UNIX FTP transfer program.

That makes sense if you stop to think about it, Apple wants to make money, so they have poured most of the integration efforts into Apple iDisk. And to "encourage" newbies to use iDisk which is so easy, there is a sub-optimal FTP transfer built into the OS. It will work (sort of) for smaller sites.

Anyway there is a freeware Unix program that fixes the problem and makes FTP uploads much faster. And since it is Apple and Unix we are talking about, it is much easier to tweak than Windows would be. Just be careful.
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Wed - November 16, 2005

Making it easy for yourself

I'm now writing three blogs and editing the style sheets directly. Keeping track of the files has become interesting.
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Tue - November 15, 2005

What to do for those people without JavaScript turned on?

Since iBlog sites are so dependent on JavaScript, add this code between the <BODY> tag and the <div id="banner"> tag.

Originally I was trying to work around people not having JavaScript enabled, but since so many of the relative link features use JavaScript, I couldn't do it without adding a ton of unnecessary HTML code. So instead I came up with this.

This puts a big yellow stripe at the top of the browser window.
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