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Other gripes and grumbles.

Apple’s spell check in both Mac OS and iOS
- Without a doubt my single biggest problem with Apple by far. When I am thinking and typing I do not want spellcheck. Oh the fly it changes words and phrase meanings. It may shift back to a previous word or line. When I am creating, I don’t want my spelling and grammar corrected, it slows down the thoughts and often throws me off track completely. How hard would it be to have a toggle where the computer checks spelling when I tell it to rather than as it happens? It’s practically the only thing that makes me curse at my Macintosh.

ETA: It turns out there is a toggle in the Mac OS. It’s in Services. Highlight some text. Control-select. Go down to the Spelling and Grammer menu item. Uncheck “Correct Spelling Automatically.”

Apple Siri - I like the way the some of the other voices sound, but speaking and listening are tied together. If I set my iPod Touch to one of the Australian English voices, Siri expects to hear Australian English as well. I think it would be worth Apple’s time to split the speaking behavior and the listening behavior.
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