Thu - September 2, 2010

How much is that iPod Touch in the Window?

Shiny stuff
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Sat - August 28, 2010

So let's talk about Apple's iPad - Updated

Some weaknesses and some not strictly Pagan apps
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Mon - December 1, 2008

One cool effect

Light in unexpected places
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Tue - July 3, 2007

iPhone Fever

I never intended to buy a first generation iPhone. Although I was impressed by the potential, I wanted to see how it worked out before shelling out the six hectobux.
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Sun - December 17, 2006

Palm TX Update

Well, it's been a few months and I thought I would tell you how my Palm TX is working out.
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Sat - September 2, 2006

Expanding my Palm

Adding a memory card and playing a bit.
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Sat - July 22, 2006

Palm TX drawbacks (after some use)

Not everything is fun and games with the TX, now affectionately named TiXi. There are some places where Palm really really goofed. What's the fun of having a blog if I can't point some of these out?
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Tue - July 18, 2006

Palm TX review

I got my Palm TX and I have been experimenting. Here I will cover the actual device and the built in software.
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Sat - July 8, 2006

Retro Bedroom Music

My stepfather recently developed a severe case of dementia. So this last Father's Day I talked Mom into getting him a gizmo he would actually use and would bring him some pleasure. He already had an iPod Mini from a few years back. Enter the Specktone Retro.
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Palm TX add ons - 4 GB SD card

This is definitely a high priority item, but I haven't decided which one to go with yet. Officially Palm hasn't certified any 4GB cards yet.
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Palm TX Add ons - microphone

I'd probably use a microphone more if it was built into the Palm, something I could access with the press of the button. I have something that turns my iPod into a voice recorder and I haven't used it that much, mainly because I have to snap pieces in and out. But there are two sources for an external microphone for the TX.
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Sat - January 14, 2006

To Treo or not to Treo, that is the question - Updated

Someone pointed out that for a guy who dislikes phones and despises cellphones, I'm putting a lot of thought and effort into something that is essentially a very high end cellphone.

They are probably right.

Which means I need to consider alternatives.
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Fri - January 13, 2006

Going off the beaten path

Years ago I drooled over the Segway when it first came out. As much as I loved it, I had to admit for my neck of the woods a Segway just wasn't practical. If I am not in the desert I am in the forest, and it's not unusual for me to run out of sidewalk and street before I get to where I am going.

Well, today I saw the next step.
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Sun - January 8, 2006

Planning the telephone solution

One of the disadvantages of combining a PDA with a cell phone is that skin oils and sweat gets on the display screen. This is a problem even with regular cell phones. With the Treo 700p I'll probably use a screen protector like I do with my m515.

The easy answer is just not to use the cell phone except anything as a speaker phone. But I find cell phones annoying enough, and I am not going to share both sides of my conversation with everyone in earshot.

Plus of course, that wouldn't be a geek solution.
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Thu - December 1, 2005

The Treo 700p

Palm hasn't officially announced it yet, but it looks like there will be a Treo 700p model to go along with the Treo 700w.

McDuff, my Palm 515 is getting a little long in the tooth. I've been thinking about upgrading, but I want something that combines a cellphone and a PDA, preferably Palm so I can keep using Palm Desktop. A digital camera would be a plus, but not strictly necessary.

The Treo 650 comes close, but has some significant memory restrictions. Yes, I know you can work around it with the memory card, but you shouldn't have to.
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Wed - November 16, 2005

Bedroom music

A computer music library makes much more sense than juggling CDs and tapes. Before I had an iPod, I had my computer connected to an old stereo to wake me up. These days I am a little more sophisticated.
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