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Things Apple got wrong

The Amber Alert - I don’t own an iPhone myself. The first time I heard this gods-awful thing go off, well, we were just lucky that I wasn’t the one driving. I understand that a big part of this is what the government decrees, but people should have control over the noises their phone makes, the volume, and if it’s muted like all the other sounds.

Contacts rewriting/deleting information - Let’s start with the telephone number format. I prefer 111-222-3344, or the international format with the country code first. I think I have three international contacts with telephone numbers, the others I just have emails or chat handles. Customers don’t get to pick the format of phone numbers. I don’t want the parenthesis around the area code, it’s annoying.

• While we’re at it, if I haven’t put anything in a Face Time field or a phone number field, I really don’t think that there should be a “call” option showing.

• Maiden name - Every single time I upgrade the OS, the maiden names are erased. If I bothered to enter the information, maybe, just maybe it’s kinda sorta important for that contact. Why make the blasted field available if it’s just going to be erased all the time?

• Duplicating URLs and email addys - enough said.

That triple damned spell check - I don’t mind that a spell check is built into OS X. I resent it when the OS doesn’t let me control it. Let me finish the document before changing the words. Blazes, let me finish the word. It’s very distracting and I have to do extra proofreading to catch the mistake suppertimes. Toggle controls in Preferences can’t be that hard.

Calendar - This really needs a phone number field. Ideally a place name field too. I used to keep this information in the location field, but iOS loves to rewrite that. Most of my objections to Calendar are fixed by using BusyCal.

iOS - If I haven’t entered information for Twitter and Facebook, then maybe I don’t want to use those time wasters on my iPod Touch? And if I don’t want to use them, then I certainly resent it when the device keeps trying to force those things down my throat.

FaceTime Camera - I really don’t like these. I use a hole punch and electrical tape to cover these annoyances. If a FaceTime camera shows up on the next Apple Watch, that alone is a reason to never buy one.

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