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Utility Belt Part 3 (Final Part)

I experimented with several main tool pouches before I found one small and unbulky enough, and I experimented even more to find out what tools to keep in it.

Even now I keep a few basics in it and adjust according to need.

It doesn't usually live on my belt anymore though, it stays in a side pocket of my computer bag.


Best Utility Knife

I try to keep my "travel" tools separate from my regular tools.

At home since I have the space, I like to use regular tools instead of multitools.


Speaking of keys - Utility Belt Part 2

I've tried a lot of key holders over the years. The obvious solution is to keep them on your belt. Of all the types I have tried, three worked pretty well.

Of course there is the old standby, the leather strap thing over your belt with a hook for your keys. It does work pretty well, but the strap wears out after a year or so.

There is the retracting chain, also known as the "zirp-zirp." Get too many keys and it also wears out after a while and the chain won't retract.

Then there was a spring steel thing that worked OK until it got bent out of shape.

I had pretty much resigned myself to replacing the leather strap type every year or so, and then I found something different.


Utility belt part 1

I love tools. Part of it is their function, part of it is very definitely totem magick, and part of of it is meditation to keep the panic attacks at bay. Don't worry, I won't touch on those last two bits here. But the question inevitably comes up, how much is too much to carry with you? Too much drags your pants off and gives a swivel to your walk. Not enough and you don't have what you need.

After experimenting, I divided my traveling tools into groups. My main tool pouch stays in my computer case, close enough to be handy but not dragging down my belt. Unless I need it of course.

I do keep a small tool pouch of ballistic nylon on my belt with just a couple of tools.