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Calendar Symbols

When Palm was THE PDA to own, I experimented with some downloaded symbol sets. They weren’t called “emoji” then, and I didn’t understand what all of them were, but they could make the Palm display very complex. It didn’t take me long to realize that most calendar entries didn’t need them, and if I spent more time looking for a symbol than it took to do the task, then it wasn’t productive. I do use a couple of others (silverware, pizza), but these two dozen are the ones I use most often. Even then, they are mostly symbols not emoji.

It’s a simple visual cue. My rule of thumb is that if an event has a symbol, it probably has a note. It also makes archiving much simpler. And if you don’t have a Macintosh running OS X, you won’t see some of these symbols.

≠ recognize but do not celebrate

☺︎blog picks and favorites title
passing day quotes or one of my lore quotes 
º comment entry on someone else’s site

completed Task moved to calendar on completion
failed Task moved to calendar after attempt
customer service issue
meeting & memos
📞 calls
💬 texts
digital purchase (software, ebooks, etc)
physical purchase made online 
     (Task list until it arrives, then arrival date)
physical purchase made locally 
∆ wish list (Task list) 
# check number, then item purchased, then seller information in location field
liberty attack
questions, usually not sure what was first year of repeating event (location field)
 🚀 💻  science coolness
  word or phrase of the day
✎ journal entry
◊ repeating event has a note not covered by other symbols

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