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Class act

CSS and HTML are modular, but I wasn't using them well.

When I was doing a quote box on regular blog, I was using snippets to hold the entire code. This worked after a fashion, but if I wanted to change the curves of the box or the background color or anything else, I'd have to go into each entry and manually the code.

It's much easier to define classes and go from there.

In RapidWeaver Settings under Code, there is a CSS box. You can define classes there. I've found that usually you can combine boxes and fonts, but not always.

You probably know that you can't use span for alignment. The search engines treat blockquote as a actual quote, and pay more attention to div. In most cases, I've found the lowly p works just fine.

Now the great thing about classes is that I can change the definition and that will change every use of that class on the entire site.

Really really neat.

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