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My current tool pouches

My current tool pouch slips inside the lower leg pocket in a pair of seven pocket jeans, or in my computer bag. It was made by Raine, but apparently is no longer available.

It holds a pair of straight nose hemostat locking forceps like these.

A pair of Klein Tools 2100-5 electrician scissors.

A pair of bent nose tweezers like these.

A incandescent Maglite Mini, retrofitted with an LED bulb and the bottom switch. Non-LED Maglites eat batteries like you would not believe.

A Leatherman Rebar. This is a tight fit in the tool pouch.

An extendable pointer. I thought of it when I watched the crime lab guy on a TV show ruin a perfectly good expensive pen.

For a slightly smaller footprint that lives on my belt, I use a Leatherman Charge with a leather sheath. One loop holds a Maglite Solitaire. The other loop holds a reliable Fisher bullet space pen.

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