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Connected but distracted

I don't use a smartphone. It started because the local mobile provider was playing price games depending on which browser you used to sign up.

But since then, I've seen more and more people obsessed with their smartphones and being constantly connected and alerted and with half their brain engaged on social media.

When I got my first management job, I emptied the in box once a day in the morning. When I started with email, same thing.

As time went on, I started resenting the phone. People never called with good news. Sales calls were annoying. Business calls usually wanted me to fix something. My time became someone else's time. So I stopped being in the office to answer calls.

One of my bosses was furious that I didn't check my email every fifteen minutes. He micromanaged in many other ways, but that was the worst. I wouldn't have had time to do my job if I just answered his emails when he wanted.

Although I used to use instant messaging and ICU, I would only do it at certain times of the day when I was at my desk anyway. Even with my iPod Touch, I never saw the reason for social media on a handheld device.

Getting weather alerts or earthquake alerts, that I could see. Looking up directions or other information, that I could see. But YouTube alerting you because someone posted a video? Someone sending you a tweet about what a celebrity said? Getting pictures sent to you whenever? That just didn't make sense.

My time is mine. I don't want to give my time and attention to someone else's demands whenever.
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