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Flip phone


That's a picture of my cheapo Tracfone.

While I appreciate what a smartphone can do, I don't really need one as long as I have an iPod Touch.

I'm not on the phone that much. I don't like it. People never call me because they are going to give me a million dollars. Callers always want something from me, even if it's nothing more than abusing my time and attention.

If you don't have a smartphone, a flip phone may be the best simple phone you can have. The form factor can't be beat. It's cheap enough to throw away if you get too paranoid. And it's harder to break than a smartphone.

In fact, a good flip phone fits exactly in the watch pocket of five-pocket jeans. Considering that this model phone has a front watch display, that means using the pocket as it was intended.

All in all, a nice piece of design.
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