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Google Voice app

The first phone redirect service I used was called Grand Central. It's main claim to fame was that you could set the ringing sound that the person calling you heard. It was a cool service. Unfortunatly, Grand Central was bought by Google and the folded into Google Voice.

I liked Google Voice mainly because of the way it would do transcripts and record voicemails. I've been using it ever since.

When Google finally came up with an app that woked on a iPod Touch, I installed it right away.

The last few revisions have been slowing down the app. It's become much harder to use. Finally it wouldn't launch at all.

So today I deleted the app and reinstalled it. I use a different ID on YouTube than the dedicated one I use for Google Voice. After I turned on the app, I was given the choice of signing in with my YouTube ID or my Google Voice ID.

Which is distinctly weird, because under the Apple guidelines, when you delete an app, it is supposed to delete all data associated with the app. That means that Google puts a secret app on iOS devices that users don't know about. "Don't be evil." Riiiight.

But my main gripe this time is how the Google Voice app has gotten worse even as it is supposed to be "improved."
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