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I’ve been watching the Internet of Things for a while now.

It’s a good concept, but it’s poorly executed.

Take the idea of a keyless door lock. Connivence is only part of it. If you are going to replace a door look, first it has to be at least as secure as the one you had before. From what I can tell, that’s not necessarily so. And what happens when the battery dies?

Then there are networked security cameras. I like the idea of my monitoring the indside of my house, I don’t like the idea of anyone else.

But from what I can tell, many of the IoT gradgets have almost no security. Which means that your home network could be cracked with something that you thought was a good idea.

I don’t really want people watching me. I don’t want people to know what is in my fridge or what I watched on Netflix. I really don’t want my music choices known. And I don’t want my gadgets and gizmos hacked into a botnet.

There are design flaws that literally go back to the very beginning of the internet. Not everything can be trusted. Not everything should be trusted.
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