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Nonconsensual technology

Technology that acts without the consent of the user. One example would be a thermostat that not only kept a constant temperature, but sent data about adjustments to a server outside the user's control.

Although terms of data sharing are usually included in the end user licensing, the exact terms are often obscure or hidden by design. Companies want your data and they know that almost no one pays attention to the EULA.

Count on any smart house appliances or internet of things gadgets sharing your data unless specifically stated otherwise. Especially if the operation requires more technology than can be cheaply or efficiently packed into the casing. Smart assistants with voice control are currently the worst offenders.

Unless a company has made clear that it won't be sharing your data, you can depend on your data being shared again and again. Even the companies with strict privacy do share your data under “special circumstances”.

You can trust them. Really. They promise.

Remember the old internet saying, if you are not paying for a product or service, you are the product.
     — nonconsensual technology, NeoWayland's lexicon
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