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Not the usual customer

I am not Apple's usual customer.

That's been hard for me to accept.

Apple's business plan right now means most of their products are aimed at people who participate, but don't necessarily create. Also those who live in major metropolitan cities with fast internet connections available almost always. Apple expects you to buy, buy, buy. That's why they've made the Apple Store, the iTunes Store, and the App Store so easy to access.

I don't necessarily want new music every week. I'm pretty happy listening to the old stuff. Most TV and movies are drek, and very few of the ones worth watching are worth buying. And other than navigation in a strange city, I honest to gods don't know what I would do with an Apple Watch most of the time. I think I've got more calculators than games on my iOS devices, and I don't think I've bought an app for months.

I want to use my computers to create. I want to sit down at my desk or my kitchen table or even occasionally at the local Starbucks. I want to open a broswer window with thirteen tabs. I want to fire up RapidWeaver. And I want to create content. I want to think about what I have to say and I want to boil it down to the essentials.

I want to write.

I want to tweak pictures and share them with what I've written.

Sometimes I want to mix a song.

More than anything else, I'm a philosopher and a
writer, blast it. I need a keyboard that pushes back. I need to be able to read on a big screen over my fingers when I am typing.

At that brings us to the Apple devices this year.

I still don't own an iPhone. I can't deny that the latest models are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! But I know Federal law means your phone is a tracking device if not a monitoring bug. I don't feel bad throwing away a $20 buck Tracfone if I have to. An iPhone is more expensive.

I've only had reliable internet in my house for only a few months. I live in a rural area, cellphone service is catch as catch can.

As long as I have a working iPod, an iPhone doesn't make sense.

Of course, Apple wants to phase out the iPod…

But mostly I want to write.

And blast it, I want one of my computers to be a desktop one.

Even Apple TV wants a high speed connection on those times I buy movies and TV shows (can't get enough

Apple is not always for me. Apple is not usually for me.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

After watching this year's Apple events, my response was "That's it?"
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