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Theme settings and CSS changes for PV

I settled on on a modified version of the RapidWeaver Cameo theme for Pagan Vigil.

Using Setup in the for the project file, I loaded the classic banner as the Site Logo and the classic favicon as the Favicon. I turned off the Title and Slogan since the classic banner handled that already.

Within the Page Info Style settings, I set the Width to variable and the Sidebar to left.

Getting the classic banner to work took some more. I duplicated the theme and renamed the new theme CameoV.

Using BBEdit, I opened the modified theme styles.css page. It was in

Library Application Support RapidWeaver CameoV.rwtheme Contents

The classic banner measures 493 pixels by 173 pixels. So I had to change the height of the page header element. There’s no provision for tabs in HTML, so bear with me.

#pageHeader {
display: block;
height: 195px;
border-top: 3px solid;
position: relative;
margin-bottom: 1px;

Now the banner image fit within the page header, but I wanted it centered. Well, mostly centered. CSS Tricks provided the center trick.

#pageHeader img {
position: absolute;
right: 50%;
top: 17px;
margin-right: -246px;

Now it looks like what I want. It’s a fairly simple uncluttered theme, but still has the very striking custom elements that I designed for the previous version of Pagan Vigil.

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