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Pocket Briefcase

This is from the previous version of tecknologi.
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Not all tools are electronic or even strictly a "tool." Sometimes nothing beats paper to jot things down, or more important, to share. 3x5 cards can work, but where is the style in that?

Enter Levenger's Pocket Briefcase. It does the 3x5 cards with style and lets me keep cash and the few cards I actually use. The big pocket keeps receipts for the month. And I still have room for a couple of my business cards and business-card size versions of The World's Smallest Political Quiz. Add a slim Cross pen and I am good to go.

Oh, I use the 3x5 cards with a grid. Unless I am handing out information, one card front and back usually lasts me a week and gives me a chance to transfer any necessary information to my Palm later

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