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Belkin QUADRA 4-in-1 PDA Stylus


Belkin QUADRA 4-in-1 PDA Stylus

The best pen and stylus combo I ever used. The pen and the stylus were excellent. The flashlight and laser pointer were adequate, but went through batteries like mad.

I don't think that any PDA owner would argue with me that the stylus is the most important external accessory for virtually all PDA models, whether it's a Palm or a Pocket PC, or even one of those cheap off-brand ones with the green and black screen. Unless you have finely pointed fingernails, a stylus is required to easily navigate through all the menus and applications.

So why is it, then, that most PDA addicts are completely content to just use the plain black stylus that's included in the box? The idea of multi-function styli has been around for a while but the devices have remained for the most part in a niche market. However, for those who need to carry around extra things like a pen, a laser pointer, etc, it just makes sense to get a device that has them all in one.

The Belkin QUADRA 4-in-1 stylus is one of the most feature-packed PDA styli around. There are two different tips for one end of the pen. One functions as a stylus and the other turns it into a ballpoint pen. There are also a couple of buttons on the side of the pen. These control battery powered lights that are built into the stylus.

There's an LED reading light that could come in very handy for those times when you're on an overnight flight, its dark outside, and you need to check your PDA with another document that doesn't have a built-in backlight. Instead of using your PDA itself as an impromptu flashlight, simply take the stylus and point in towards the area where you need more light.

Additionally, it's equipped with a laser pointer. Aside from the fact that it's always cool fun to simply point lasers around wherever you are, this pointer could be very convenient if you do a lot of presentations. The Belkin QUADRA 4-in-1 stylus is the Swiss army knife of styli, except all its features are actually useful.

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