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Smartphone heresy

I went through three Palm PDA models before Apple introduced the iPhone. I was PDA when PDA wasn’t cool.

What I’m about to tell you may be considered heresy among the smartphone set.

There are still times when paper is better.

On my desk in my sanctum I use a pad of graph paper as a mouse tablet. Yeah, I know, now I’m really dating myself. Still, it’s a great place to jot little notes and it’s always within reach.

As a wallet, I carry the Levenger Pocket Briefcase with a Cross Classic Century ballpoint. I know there are cheaper versions of the Pocket Briefcase sold by other companies, but they don’t seem to hold up as well.

The real thing that makes the Pocket Briefcase work are the index cards. Levenger wants to sell you some high quality cards, but for most purposes some cheap grid ruled cards work just as well. I carry one “in use” card and five others and I’m covered. I can jot stuff down, I can use my cross off list, and I can write something out for people.

I know they are’t Post-Its. Or are they?

On the go the cards work great to write things down quickly.

When I sit down at a desk or table, I’ll grab a blank card and write down the “mini-tasks” that need to be done. As I work, I’ll jot down phone numbers or serial numbers or file names. When I finish, I draw a line through the entry.

Some use a Hipster PDA and it works fine. I just use the cards as an enhanced temp file.

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