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That trailer isn't THAT long

I don’t intended to have too many things in this new category, but I think this one is worth it.

Granted, my internet speed isn’t all that fast. Granted, there are times when the microwave uplink is seriously overloaded. Since I live in a rural area, I don’t expect the cable company will fix it soon.

Once upon a time, YouTube was the sluggard on my Apple TV. The videos wouldn’t start quickly and often would stall several times while I was watching them.

Now though it’s Apple Trailers. It’s been that way since April 14. I’ve changed the DNS on the AirPort router. I’ve changed the DNS on the Apple TV.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think a trailer should download AND start faster than it takes to actually watch the thing.

And I don’t think trailers should take ten minutes or more to load.

Understand, everything else on my Apple TV is working just as it always did. And the trailers work fairly well on my MacBook Air.

It’s just the trailers on my Apple TV.

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