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Utility belt part 1

This is from the previous version of tecknologi.
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I love tools. Part of it is their function, part of it is very definitely totem magick, and part of of it is meditation to keep the panic attacks at bay. Don't worry, I won't touch on those last two bits here. But the question inevitably comes up, how much is too much to carry with you? Too much drags your pants off and gives a swivel to your walk. Not enough and you don't have what you need.

After experimenting, I divided my traveling tools into groups. My main tool pouch stays in my computer case, close enough to be handy but not dragging down my belt. Unless I need it of course.

I do keep a small tool pouch of ballistic nylon on my belt with just a couple of tools.

Both are made by Swiss+Tech.

Despite what the advertising says, these will rip the heck out of your pockets. That is why I have the small tool pouch.

First is the Micro-Plus™ 8-in-1. For it's size, this is one of the handiest and smallest tools I have ever seen. You pick it up and it feels like a serious tool. Unfold it and you are ready to take on the world. Mine is in the matte-black finish.

Also in my pouch is the Utili-Key® 6-in-1. Because it looks so much like a key when it is closed, this probably gets the biggest "ooooooo" factor of any tool I've owned. Because of it's size, I use it mainly as my utility knife.

Unfortunately the supplier for the tool pouch no longer seems to be in business. Pity.

I still have my first Swiss+Tech tool. the Micro-Tech™ 6-in-1. These days it is my backup and stays at home, but I carried it for a couple of years.

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