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Pefectly right

My living room TV gave up the ghost. I wasn’t watching it for a couple of weeks, and I replaced it this last weekend.

Although I carry a Leatherman, I don't use it for opening boxes. Paper and cardboard dulls the blade, that's what a utility knife is for.

Once I got everything unpacked, I saw that I had to screw the feet to the bottom of the set. My go-to screwdriver is multibit, with a wider shaft than normal. The shaft contains an extendable magnetic screw pick up. The screwdriver shaft fit in the channel of the feet no problem, so I was good to go.

Not quite.

It turned out that the screw holes were not centered in the screw channel. The screw channel was tight enough so the screwdriver bit wasn't quite engaging the screw.

No problem, I thought. That's why I have a Leatherman multitool. My original Leatherman PST is semi-retired in the main tool box in the sanctum, but I was anxious to break in my new Leatherman Rebar.

Except the Rebar Phillips head shaft wasn't quite long enough. Which meant that even if I grabbed the Leatherman Charge from the bedroom, I would need the extender shaft. Which was naturally in the secondary toolbox in the sanctum, because even when I carry the Charge, the extender shaft and all the extra bits aren't usually in my every day carry.

So I went to the sanctum and grabbed a regular Phillips with a long narrow shaft. A few minutes later I had the feet attached to the TV and I was connecting cables.

The moral to this story is that even if you have working tools, they may not work in that situation. All my Leatherman multitools and my multibit screwdriver are compromise tools, they do more than one thing adequately. Sometimes you need a dedicated tool to do a dedicated job.

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