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Two steps forward, one step back

Last night as I was staring at the ceiling, it dawned on me that I goofed.

These essential pages I am putting together for TPY are still modular.

Each timetable column has dozens of entries. Rather than do a clipping of each column, I should do a clipping of the coding of each entry in the column and then rename it. So this gets saved as a clipping named 0201-Saint Brighid, ready to be dragged where I want it.

<span style="font-family: 'Quintessential', cursive; font-weight: 600; color:#0A4F00;">≠ <A HREF="" target="blank">Saint Brighid</a> of Kildare Day</span> 01Feb - Celtic Christian

The number at the beginning of the name makes sorting easy, 02 means Febuary and the 01 is the day of the month. This way the folder shows the right sequence when I sort by file name.

I'll do something similar when I redo the lexicon, but I won't need the date number.

I know I don't need a new line for the <br> code, but those separate the entries and make troubleshooting the HTML easier.

If I put in a little extra work now, it saves time down the line.
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